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We believe that all older people deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and care. 

Wesley Elder Care’s Abuse Response Service works alongside older people, their whanau, and their community to stop abuse, to provide immediate and ongoing safety, and protect older people.


 Worried about an older person?


If you are worried about elder abuse, or concerned about an older person here in the Greater Wellington region, please email help@wesleyeldercare.org.nz


CALL 04 805 0880

OR fill out the email form below:

If  you believe an older person’s safety is at immediate risk, call the national call centre:

0800 32 668 65

It’s free, confidential and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To order an Elder abuse brochure or leaflet, or a restorative justice brochure, please email cbooth@wesleyca.org.nz


Anyone 65 years or older who is living here in the Greater Wellington region and who needs support to end being harmed can be referred.

Making a referral

The older person may refer themselves or they can be referred by family,  friends,  neighbours,  or a health professional. Click HERE to download the referral form.


 What is elder abuse?


Elder abuse is a crime. Any act that causes harm to an older person is elder abuse. Elder abuse can be very subtle and may take the form of coercion, bullying, name-calling verbal, physical, and financial abuse.

Most abuse happens by someone the older person knows. Of the older people who suffer harm, many are in a dependent relationship they do not feel they can leave. The relationship could be with a family member or paid or unpaid caregiver.


Risk factors for elder abuse:

— Being dependent on others

— Families in conflict

— Isolation

— Stress in care relationships

— Mental illness

— Dementia

— Poor understanding of rights and responsibilities

— Elders caring for others at home 


 More information about elder abuse can be found at: 

To learn more about Wesley Community Action, please visit our website: